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Great companies all over the world are using Status Host to better communicate their downtime and scheduled maintenance to customers.

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It’s not hard to see how we make your life easier every day.

Off-Site and Redundant.

We work hard to stay 100% available, even when you are experiencing downtime.

Better Communication.

Inform your customers during an incident or scheduled maintenance.

Custom Branding.

Give your status page the same look and feel as your corporate identiy.

Admin Notifications.

We regularly poll your systems and notify you if we sense trouble.

Rich metrics.

When we poll your systems, we gather and process important metrics.

Secure connections.

Every single request is routed through HTTPS.

3 {
4     "data": {
5         "id": 1,
6         "name": "Private API",
7         "description": "Private api for customers",
8         "link": "",
9         "status_id": 1,
10        "status": "Operational"
11        "created_at": "2017-01-18 03:45:53",
12        "updated_at": "2017-01-18 03:45:53",
13     }
14 }
Under Development

Use our API to interact with your data.

Instead of manually interacting with your status page, you can use our JSON REST API to work with your data.

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  • 15 min polling interval
  • Private API access
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